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I took an opportunity to get away for a few days. Both sets of doctors have encouraged me to reduce my stress, which has been peaking around 6.2 to 7.0 (Richter) at times. I REALLY needed some BFF time -- to escape into some order and sanity, take a break from the chaos of the house packing and...

Hero's Journey Revisited

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Waaaayyyy back in 2018, when I was journaling about my first journey with cancer (see what I did there?) I posted about why I was avoiding language (and conceptualizations) of violence and competition. Now, past the second journey and facing the future, I want to revisit and evolve that...

Today, it's endless

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I, for one, walk with cancer... Today — not every day or even most days — but, today I feel whelmed and lonely and anxious and useless. Today the journey doesn’t feel like an adventure or a challenging hike; it’s more like a step-master machine that is always up hill...

"Getting the Call"

A Transplant Testimonial

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I borrowed this from one the support groups I am in. I think it will help us understand what I'm facing in both short and long term. When I open up about my fears, doubts and decisions, this will give you some context. Note I have 'blurred' the names and locations and [commented...

Moving Motivation

To Transplant and Beyond

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As tedious as it is to have to sort through a houseful of stuff (ok, garage-full and house-full), I've had some wonderful moments of random (or IS IT random??) connection. A lovely British lady saw the antique tea-cart I listed and immediately claimed it. When she came to pick it up...

Return to the Journey

To Transplant and Beyond

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It has been a while since my last post and folks are wondering what's up! Sorry about that, but A LOT has been up since November - it's pretty much "all good" -- but of course you and I both know that "the devil's in the details" so I better get at them, to...

Another Journey Ahead

(from CaringBridge)

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Dear friends - It seems I'm going to take another journey with liver cancer.  In some ways it is more serious that the first time, because I only have part of my liver left, the cancer is inoperable this time and seems to be more 'aggressive'.  However, the expected...

What Matters Most

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Yesterday was the 6th month anniversary of my cancer surgery. It's time to write the closing post to this chapter – thank you all for being patient. Some of you have sent cards or reached out on Facebook, text or called. I've experienced an amazing amount of support from familiar...

Back Online

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Ready or not, I am slowly coming back "online" with my daily and weekly routines. Not sure I'm happy about it! Glad to be feeling better, but a little frustrated with how quickly the energy runs out. As I mentioned last week, getting meals on the table for Dad and nephew Ethan...

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