Back Online

David Loofbourrow

Back Online

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Ready or not, I am slowly coming back "online" with my daily and weekly routines. Not sure I'm happy about it! Glad to be feeling better, but a little frustrated with how quickly the energy runs out.

As I mentioned last week, getting meals on the table for Dad and nephew Ethan seems to take up most of my energy. It's been better with the help of a few folks who have provided ready-to-reheat food WHICH WE HAVE GREATLY ENJOYED and APPRECIATED! But there is always breakfast and lunch, and getting things on the table, cleaning up, etc. Dad's eyesight has continued to decline and his previous help with setting the table, loading the dishwasher and even finding what he wants in the refrigerator has almost stopped. Please pray for him, because going blind is undoubtedly scarier than cancer, because there is no coming back!

I've driven the car a couple of times, including attending the SAVE MUELLER rally last Friday afternoon. Didn't have energy to stay long, but damned if I was going to miss it!

Otherwise, Ethan has been driving me. We've made trips to Home Depot (as he rebuilt a damaged part of our deck) and the grocery story. Seems like the family needs the staples at least twice a week. I'm headed the the grocery again today (my by myself!) now, and maybe pick up some fast-food treat for supper. This week, I hope to drive down to my writer's group in Auburn on Tuesday evening this and hopefully a movie or two, as I am way behind.

I just finished sorting through over a month's of emails (literally thousands as one account is a spam magnet) which feels good. It also feels like I will be consolidating all my personal, business and hobby emails into about 2 accounts going forward!!

So, all this plus a nap or two is my daily life. **I'm thankfully down to 1 & 1/2 pain pills a day!** I look forward to going back to church, choir, work (such as it is) and writer's activities in the next couple of months. There's a ways to go, to be sure, and I think my projection of 100% in January is going to be accurate.

Thank you all, again, for your shared energy, concern and communications. Love you all!!!

Visualize the Universe's Energy Grid, imagine plugging into it every morning, and pray for strength in every endeavor. 

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