Moving Motivation

Moving Motivation
David Loofbourrow

Moving Motivation

To Transplant and Beyond

As tedious as it is to have to sort through a houseful of stuff (ok, garage-full and house-full), I've had some wonderful moments of random (or IS IT random??) connection.

  1. A lovely British lady saw the antique tea-cart I listed and immediately claimed it. When she came to pick it up she told me how her mother had just the same cart in their home growing up. She's 'starting over' at 'an age ' she had never expected, so this touch of home in her new apartment meant a lot to her.
  2. Someone wanted the rubber tire I had listed for give-away. When we compared addresses - SHE LIVED NEXT DOOR but we had never met. She's raising 3 kids on her own and was so hungry to "OMG I'm talking to an ADULT!!". We have a really nice chat about the neighborhood and how she and the kids were praying every night for 'the old man next door' (come on, not ME but DAD!!).
  3. I connected with a person from a client/company who gave me some awesome, much needed encouragement about living with an organ transplant.
  4. I posted for sale a beautiful sculpture (below, which we called "Cement Baby" because it weighs like 30 pounds). I just can't keep every beautiful thing my Mom collected; it kinda pulls out a few heart-threads each time I have to let something like that go. When I met the purchaser in the parking lot at Bell and 49, she said that her grandmother had had a similar sculpture for many years, but somewhere along the line it disappeared after her passing. She and her siblings had tried for YEARS to fine one, because they had all loved it, but did not know who the artist was. When she saw my post, she immediately recognized the style. Although it isn't the exact same piece, she was so thankful to get Cement Baby back into her family and to research Elizabeth Burroughs Woodhouse. It was such a joy for ME to see something Mom loved go to bless another family - who will now love and cherish it.

So I happen to think that some of you might have known Mom and/or Dad (or maybe even my grandparents?) and would like some memento to remember them by? Trust me -- I have a lot of things to choose from: framed, artistic creations of buttons, lace, needlepoint etc.; chicken toys and ranch stuff; knickknacks they enjoyed; books, photos, etc.

Just let me know - it's kind of a tradition: Dad often told a story how our (then) small-town barber asked if there was any small personal item of Grandpa's he could have. Dad gave him Grandpa's coin purse (so retro!!) which was perfect as he'd so often used it to pay the 50 cents for his haircuts.

Moral of the day:
It truly is more blessed to give than to receive!

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