Ready for some help and company

David Loofbourrow

Ready for some help and company

(from CaringBridge 2018)

I am better, to the point I am realizing more of my limitations! Wow - who knew resting was so hard!

Today is a good example... We (nephew Ethan, Dad and I) have been planning a trip to Costco to order Dad an updated prescription glasses. Dad's illness last week exhausted both of us, so we hoped to go today. I, however, decided I wanted a "big protein breakfast" (I'm supposed to take in 130 grams of protein a day!) so I made scrambled eggs with chopped bacon, ham, bell peppers, onions and cheese. It was good, but I was wiped out for the rest of the morning. I had to call off our outing (now scheduled for Wednesday.)

I am beginning to learn my energy borders - and cooking is one of them. I'm able to get a sandwich on the table, heat some soup, or -- with Ethan's help -- zap up some pre-cooked fajita meat and frozen veggies. I daddyed a Jello salad for Dad when he was sick, and Ethan can whip up a fabulous green salad. But beyond that, whew - 

Therefore I am hoping some of the folks who have offered to bring over a dish or two can do so over the next several weeks. Just some things to bring a bit of home-cooked to the table -- especially for Dad who is used to more variety than I'm able to do right now. Of course, any/everything will be greatly appreciated. Last week, my next-door-neighbor Margie blessed us with some chicken salad and a container of chicken-vegetable soup that were fantastic. Diane/Randy are bringing over a pot of chili tomorrow (I think I have tasted that treat before!).

This site has some sort of "how to help" feature that I haven't explored. I will update this post if I discover it would be helpful to plan out the contributions. Otherwise, if you get motivated just give me a call. 

I am so thankful for all you folks! I am missing everyone and I think I can start having a visitor or two. It would be cool to have a talk, maybe a walk around the block, if you are in the neighborhood (that's silly because unless you live in my village, nowhere is "near"). Again, just give me a call so we can pick the socks up off the floor before you get here!

Thank you all for your offers, comments and prayers!

Visualize the world holding hands, imagine Love buzzing from person to person, pray for joy in every heart.

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