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. . . I appreciate you taking the time to visit. I would prefer we could do so in person, and perhaps you will find something here you would like to have a conversation about. Let's do that!

You are more than invited to explore these pages, just realize I haven't really created them for you. The site's extension is ".INFO" but maybe it should be ".ESSENCE". As I become increasingly aware of the passing of days, I find it encouraging to document the milestones of my life. It's all a work in progress, not to be finished even up to the very last minute.

I hope we journey together – in the past, present or future – as fellow travelers toward the Light.

The Journey Continues . . .

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I'm not very good at keeping up with all of my personal Social Media accounts; but when I do it's usually important to me. Perhaps I will be inspired to share more often if you follow! Most of the blog posts are coming from a private FACEBOOK GROUP "Davie Does Cancer".

David Does Cancer

The journey began in August 2018 with the diagnosis of a cancer inside my liver the size of a handball (oddly specific). This was excised by the magical surgical arts of my team at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, who removed 1/2 my liver and put it in lab rats around the world.

I recovered well, but the Pandemic put the world in an uproar. CT scans were postponed and reviews were missed until September 2020 when a new cancer was discovered ("the size of a plum" - although I think he meant prune - a marketing success on the part of the prune industry but still an oddly specific diagnosis.)

Targeted Radiation treatments were prescribed but complicated by my own mild case of Covid-19 and Dad's passing. We zapped the cancer in late November 2020 and life goes on at a frantic pace: blogged here as an excursus on the continuing journey to health which may include a liver transplant and whatever mysteries that life holds.