Liver Cancer - The Excursus

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I took an opportunity to get away for a few days. Both sets of doctors have encouraged me to reduce my stress, which has been peaking around 6.2 to 7.0 (Richter) at times. I REALLY needed some BFF time -- to escape into some order and sanity, take a break from the chaos of the house packing and...

Hero's Journey Revisited

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Waaaayyyy back in 2018, when I was journaling about my first journey with cancer (see what I did there?) I posted about why I was avoiding language (and conceptualizations) of violence and competition. Now, past the second journey and facing the future, I want to revisit and evolve that...

Today, it's endless

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I, for one, walk with cancer... Today — not every day or even most days — but, today I feel whelmed and lonely and anxious and useless. Today the journey doesn’t feel like an adventure or a challenging hike; it’s more like a step-master machine that is always up hill...

Moving Motivation

To Transplant and Beyond

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As tedious as it is to have to sort through a houseful of stuff (ok, garage-full and house-full), I've had some wonderful moments of random (or IS IT random??) connection. A lovely British lady saw the antique tea-cart I listed and immediately claimed it. When she came to pick it up...

Return to the Journey

To Transplant and Beyond

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It has been a while since my last post and folks are wondering what's up! Sorry about that, but A LOT has been up since November - it's pretty much "all good" -- but of course you and I both know that "the devil's in the details" so I better get at them, to...

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